Different Ways To Use Dental Veneers In Modern Dentistry

Modern dentistry in San Diego CA has been the proof we need to appreciate that nothing is rendered impossible in matters of tooth restoration and repair. Many patients are slowly responding well to dental treatments and appointments, with a newfound hope that their oral problems are treatable.

With just one dental appliance, for instance, multiple issues can be rectified in dentistry. Dental veneers in San Diego CA are one such oral appliances that have been the go-to solution for various procedures in oral health restorations.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped shell-like oral devices used in dental care. They feature porcelain material that can be color-matched to the color of your natural teeth for an improved appearance. This means that you can hand-pick the exact shade of white you prefer for your teeth, particularly when you want to have all your front teeth done.

A typical dental veneer is attached to the surface of your teeth through the dental bonding procedure. A dentist will roughen the surface of the target tooth, for proper adherence to the veneer. Afterward, the oral veneer is attached to your tooth and allowed to dry. The bonding process allows the veneer to become one with your tooth.

What Makes Veneers Special?

Veneers have been closely resembled dental crowns because of how they can sometimes be used interchangeably. Still, they are far different from each other. While a dental crown would typically cover and enclose the whole tooth, a veneer only goes to cover the front surface.

Besides that, dentists in San Diego CA rely on veneers a lot because of their versatility. For the most part, the dental devices will be used in cosmetic dentistry, particularly for smile makeovers in San Diego. In just that area of dentistry, veneers serve multiple purposes. Still, veneers have been used in restorative dentistry, to repair damages on teeth, as an alternative to the use of dental crowns or tooth extractions.

How Are Veneers Used In Dentistry?

The best way to help you appreciate the versatile role of oral veneers is by comprehending the diverse ways in which it can be used. As you get excited about the many ways the veneers can work for you, consult a San Diego dentist near you for a close dental exam to determine your candidacy. Some of the uses of veneers in dental health include:

  1. To brighten and whiten discolored teeth – enamel discoloration is unfortunately very common. Different patients get their teeth stained in many ways, ranging from poor oral hygiene to hard water and highly pigmented foods. Whatever your reasons, veneers can be used to brighten your teeth by covering the discolored teeth. Besides, you can get veneers on all your front teeth to achieve a uniform white shade on your smile.
  2. To repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth – these are not flaws that should merit the extraction of your tooth. If veneers are used, they not only repair the issues of your tooth but also add a layer of protection over it. This makes your tooth stronger than without the veneer.
  3. To close the spaces between teeth – spaces between your teeth pose as an orthodontic problem. Instead of the long orthodontic process of realigning your teeth by treating your jawbone issues, oral veneers are an alternative solution. They can fill up the spaces between the teeth by adjusting the sizes of the teeth in the area.
  4. To reshape unusually shaped teeth – teeth don’t always grow as they should. Some can be too pointy, while others can box out your smile. The shape of your teeth plays a big role in affecting your smile. Teeth that are too short or poorly shaped can be altered for a better shape than the initial look you have.
  5. Worn down teeth – perhaps your problem is that your teeth are worn down. A major cause of this dental problem is teeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism. While it is important to get treatment for the teeth grinding issue, dental veneers can help restore your worn-down teeth.

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