Root Canals Treatment Unlikely to Leave You Indebted like Tooth Extractions

Has the dentist near me informed you that you need to undergo root canal treatment to eradicate an infection within your tooth? Do you fear root canals? Who doesn’t? You may think getting your tooth extracted is any day better than having root canals treatment. However, it would help if you try to understand the dentist, in reality, is doing you a favor by recommending conservative treatment options like root canal treatment instead of recommending tooth extraction.

The circumstances bringing upon you the need to undergo root canals treatment is because the pulp within the root canal the soft tissue inside the tooth has become inflamed and infected. Various reasons may have caused the infection, including deep decay or repeated dental processes on the same tooth, chips or cracks in the tooth, or injuries to the tooth causing pulp damage even though you notice no visible cracks or chips. Leaving the pulp inflammation untreated causes pain or even leads to an abscess.

What Are the Symptoms Indicating You Need Root Canal Treatment?

You may experience severe pain when biting or chewing and notice pimples on your gums. Your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold temperatures even after removing the sensation. You have swollen or tender gums, or deep decay is darkening your gums.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Root Canals in San Diego, CA, removes the infected or inflamed pulp to clean and shape the canals carefully before filling and sealing the space. After that, you must return to the dentist near you in San Diego to have a crown or other restoration over the tooth to protect it and restore its functionality. After you have the repair from the dentist in San Diego, your tooth continues to function like your natural teeth.

Isn’t Root Canal Treatment Expensive?

The expenses for root canal treatment depend on the complexity of your problem and the tooth’s location affected by the infection. Molars are challenging to treat, and the cost is higher for treating them. If you decide to have root canals near me, rest assured most insurance policies provide some insurance coverage if you have one.

Undergoing root canal treatment is a conservative option as compared to tooth extractions because the entire treatment and restoration cost fewer dollars than having a tooth extracted.

When you prefer tooth extractions, not only do you have a gap in your mouth, but you also need to replace the tooth with implants or bridges. Both solutions are costly and are likely to leave you indebted because they cost more than root canals treatment. You must visit the dentist’s you choose multiple times, spending thousands of dollars and waste time away from work to have your tooth replaced.

Aren’t Root Canals Painful?

The pain involved in root canals treatment is usually after the procedure and not during. The treatments are provided to relieve the pain of toothaches from the infection or inflammation. Modern anesthetics and advanced technology ensure most patients report they are comfortable during the procedure.

Your treated tooth undoubtedly feels sensitive for a few days if you had extreme pain before the procedure. The discomfort is relieved with a prescription or over-the-counter pain medications comfortably. You must follow the instructions of the San Diego dentist to the word.

Your tooth will continue to feel different from your other teeth for some time after your root canal treatment is accomplished. However, if the pain remains with you for more than a few days or is severe, you can contact the San Diego dentist for assistance.

Root Canals or Extractions: What Do You Prefer?

You must always aim to maintain a healthy and natural smile whenever possible. Root canal treatments allow you an opportunity to do just that. Extracting and replacing a tooth results in multiple treatments and procedures, even impacting your neighboring teeth and supporting gums. The cost of replacing an extracted tooth is substantial while undergoing root canal treatment is affordable. You won’t be indebted when you receive this treatment to relieve your pain from an infected tooth. Even better is the fact that you have a natural tooth restored with a dental crown functioning appropriately and guaranteed to remain with you for long. Under the circumstances, what would you prefer? Root canal treatment or tooth extraction? The choice is entirely yours.

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