What Is Children’s Dentistry and Why Is It Needed?

Your child must receive oral healthcare from an early age even before he or she develops any teeth. You cannot assume the oral healthcare needs of your child can be met by the San Diego dentist, who may not have experience with children’s dentistry. It would be best if you searched for children’s dentistry near you to care for the oral health of your child appropriately.

According to children’s dentistry San Diego, CA, the best time for children to begin dental visits is by the age of one, at which time the child would have developed milk teeth. Parents must understand the children’s oral health care needs are best cared for by a professional who is experienced in children’s dentistry.

Children’s dentists like the San Diego dentist near you have gained the experience and have the qualifications to provide professional dental care to children. This dental professional can care for your child’s teeth, gums, and other supporting tissues in the mouth. The children’s dentist with practices in Torrey Hills, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley, and Torrey Pines can be your child’s best friend when caring for their oral health from infancy until adolescence. The dentist San Diego, CA, can help your child to get the protection they need against oral health issues resulting in long term consequences or lifelong complications.

What Are the Services provided by The Children’s Dentist?

  • The children’s dentist can perform oral health exams for infants, including assessing risks of dental decay and cavities both for the mother and the child.
  • The dental professional can suggest preventive measures to stay away from problems like cavities and tooth decay with dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, education, and discussing proper diet and nutrition.
  • He or she can evaluate, diagnose, and treat orthodontic conditions like misaligned or crooked teeth and an improper bite.
  • The dental professional detects oral health problems early to prevent severe health complications like asthma, diabetes, hay fever, congenital heart defects, and many others.
  • Besides providing counseling on habits like the use of pacifiers and thumbsucking, the dental professional can also treat dental injuries, including damaged or fractured teeth.
  • Children’s dentists can prevent and manage the treatment of conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis.

The Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

It is common for parents to take their child to the family dentist who provides oral healthcare for the entire household. However, if they decide differently and choose a children’s dentist for their child, they will be assured that the child will be receiving specialized care that isn’t available with a general dentist. Children need dental professionals who are incredibly patient, and the children’s dentist is appropriately trained to manage these situations.

Children are fearful about medical treatments of any kind, including dental procedures, and taking them to a dentist is a challenge parents must overcome. The child is often uncooperative during appointments and needs a specialist who can use specific techniques and tricks to make the child comfortable and less worried during the procedure. Children’s dentists also use specialized equipment designed for children to provide quality care for the child’s oral health.

As soon as the child develops the first tooth, he or she is ready to visit the children’s dentist. Assuming the responsibility at an early age helps to detect early signs of potential health problems such as cavities and dental decay. When any issue is diagnosed, the children’s dentist can administer treatment at the earliest to prevent the problem from aggravating to a severe condition.

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth at Home

Oral health problems and infections do not discriminate between children and adults. Children often rely on adults for health to take care of their teeth. Parents must assume the responsibility for helping them and teach them the habits of good oral hygiene; they can continue until they grow up. Parents can use different techniques to help children brush and floss their teeth and must always be reminding them how often they should be involved in these tasks. Most importantly, it is the parent’s responsibility to take their child to a children’s dentist rather than the family dentist to ensure they are on top of their child’s oral health.

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