Why You Should Consider Getting Same-Day Dental Crowns

It is estimated that about 15 million Americans already have dental crowns. It is considered one of the best ways to restore and repair a tooth damaged by either trauma or disease. Crowns are simply tooth-like caps which are worn over a tooth and then cemented into place to improve both function and appearance. There are a variety of materials used by dentists in San Diego, CA to make dental crowns. They range from metals to non-metals like resins and porcelain.

Ordinarily, fitting a dental crown would require more than one visit to a dentist. This is because traditional crowns need sometime to create and mold. Once your tooth is prepped, its impression is taken and then sent to a lab where it takes some time for it to be sculpted. However, technology has evolved and Modern Dentistry in San Diego, CA now can provide patients with same day dental crown also known as CEREC crowns. Instead of having to wait a couple of days for your crowns to be ready, you will now have them made and fitted in just a single dental visit.

The procedure for CEREC dental crowns(same-day) in San Diego, CA slightly differs from the traditional process in that instead of taking an impression of your tooth, an intra-oral camera is used to capture the image of your tooth, which is then transferred to a computer to create a 3D image model that is used by A CEREC machine to create your crown. The processing of creating the crown takes about an hour and to top it up, provides more accurate results.

The Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

Saves Time

Get the process over and done with in one visit instead of having to wait for weeks to have a traditional crown ready. CEREC crowns will allow you more time to do the things you enjoy rather than at the dentist’s office. You simply walk into a clinic with a damaged tooth and walk out later with a perfect smile.

Eliminates Need for Temporaries

For traditional crowns, you are required to wear a temporary crown until the next appointment when the permanent crowns will be fitted. This period is usually a little bit uncomfortable for most patients since the temporaries are simply a makeshift solution that mostly don’t fit well or even look natural in the mouth. you may therefore find yourself increasingly conscious of your smile and speech.

Precise Fit and Better Aesthetics

Traditional crowns are prone to human errors. If the dentist is not accurate when taking impressions and sculpting the crown, then it will not give you good results. This problem is however not experienced when getting same day dental crowns. Everything is handled digitally allowing for precise and accurate results so that you get dental crowns that are comfortable and good-looking too.

High -Quality and Durable

Same day crowns are made from ceramic which is almost similar in appearance to your natural teeth. Ceramic is also quite strong. It can endure abrasion and handle biting and chewing pressure very well. Additionally, it is not temperature sensitive which makes the crowns comfortable to wear. Also, if you care for your crowns properly through practicing good dental hygiene, they will last a long-time, giving you good value for your money.


First, you do not have to worry about paying an extra amount for temporary crowns. You will also save on dental appointments since you only require a single visit to have your tooth fixed. Caring for CEREC crowns is also quite basic, which only demands regular brushing, flossing and routine dental visits. The ceramic used in same day crowns is also more affordable when compared to traditional options like metal or porcelain crowns.

To learn more about same day dental crowns near you or to determine if you are a good candidate, Modern Dentistry serves the following surrounding areas: Torrey Hills, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, La Jolla, Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley, Torrey Pines. Our San Diego dentist near you will provide a personalized consultation to meet your exact needs.

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